Who can mind the journey, when the road leads home?

Who can mind the journey, when the road leads home?.

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Who can mind the journey, when the road leads home?

ask the Bible teacher James M. Gray


Why should we be so concern that much over what happens on this temporary planet when we know that it’s leading us to our eternal destination? WE HAVE A LIVING  HOPE.


We also can rejoice through suffering because we have a permanent inheritance-a secure home in heaven. And our place there is reserved under the safekeeping, under the constant, omnipotent surveillance of Almighty God. Nothing can destroy it, defile it, diminish it, or displace it. What a great relief! WE HAVE  A PERMANENT INHERITANCE.


 No disorder, no disease, not even death itself can weaken or threaten God’s ultimate protection over our lives. No matter what the calamity, no matter what the disappointment or depth of pain, no matter what kind of destruction occurs in our bodies at the time of death, our souls are divinely protected.WE HAVE A DIVINE PROTECTION.


Trials are often necessary.  Trials are distressing, teaching us compassion so that we never make light of another’s test or cruelly force others to smile while enduring it. How unfair to trivialize another person’s trial by comparing what she is going through with what someone else has endured. Even if you have gone through something you think is twice as difficult, COMPARISON DOESN’T COMFORT. Trials come in various forms. But one thing sure trials teach us to HAVE  A DEVELOPING FAITH.


WE HAVE AN UNSEEN SAVIOR! – He is there even though we can’t see Him. In times of trial we sense He is there, and that causes us to greatly rejoice with inexpressible joy. There is Jesus who promise that He is with us untill the end.



How can we rejoice through our pain? How can we hope beyond suffering?

Because we have a living hope, a divine protection, a permanent inheritance, a developing faith, we have an unseen Savior, and we have  guaranteed deliverance.


God guarantees deliverance of our souls, which includes not only deliverance from our present sin but the glorification of our physical bodies as well. Rejoice! You’re going to get there-guaranteed.



From the book of Charles Swindoll, Hope Again 

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